Commercially Produced, and Sold Into Interstate Commerce,  Rife Instruments

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         About 1937                                    1938 Similar to next              Rife and Hoyland 1938



         Front 1938                Back 1938                                     193?                               193?


       1949                                1949                                 1934                 1939 Beam Rays Inc.  "Rife Ray "



1931 Rife Original Device - Development  Unit       1950's Crane/Stafford Commercial Unit ( AZ-58 ?)


                                      1934 # 4 Device                          1938-39


Some Rife Tubes From the 1930's and 1940's


          1938 Rife-Hoyland           1934 Original Tubes            193? Tube           "Rife-Ray" 1939



                      1938  From The Welcome Museum                                  1949

These early tubes were  custom made for Dr. Rife. Rife Tubes Do Not Create X-Rays ! The voltages and currents applied are too low. Tubes of all types have been checked and NO X-radiation  or other high energy radiation (Alpha, Beta, Gamma ) has ever been found.

Besides their historic aspect, the importance of these device pictures is paramount to the establishment of what is known as a "predicate device" exemption from the FDA. This allows medical devices that are substantially equivalent in construction , operation,  safety,  and effectiveness to a medical device sold into interstate commerce and in use  prior to 1976 to be eligible for what is known as a 510K approval . 510K approval  is a simple formality and avoids having to undergo the pre-market approval  ( PMA) process. The PMA process is burdened with extreme expense and full scale clinical trials.

Two  pictures are missing from this collage of photographs. These are of two original Rife devices  made in the 1940's and seized in 2003 by the FDA from Jim Folsom. Taken from Jim's garage, the government has no further use for them, and as of July 2009, intends to destroy them ! Jim has made a motion to stop this destruction of what are irreplaceable historic artifacts. Destruction of these devices is the moral equivalent of destroying a couple of  Van Gogh's because some foolish contemporary critic of Van Gogh decided the paintings were worthless. 120 years later, the critics are dead and a Van Gogh is worth tens of millions ( some are over 100 million ! )  of dollars.   In this case,  government bureaucrats that are known and  avowed critics of  Rife  and his work are the modern day equivalent of Van Gogh's  detractors. These  government agents have stated their opposition  and personal feelings clearly  both publicly and before a judge in a courtroom . These highly prejudiced individuals are making critical decisions about pieces of American History that belong in a museum. Artifacts that  in another 50 years ( 120 years old )  as electromagnetic therapies become the norm,  probably in the Smithsonian. Even if it may be argued that this authors beliefs of the devices value is overly optimistic, there is no doubt of their value in helping to establish a predicate device claim.  For that single reason ( predicate device proof )  alone, and the consequent avoidance of the exorbitant expense of taking  a device through the FDA's  PMA approval gauntlet,  these instruments are worth hundreds of thousands,  if not millions of dollars .