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James Bare

Assembled Rife/Bare devices are now available!

The PERL instrument made by Resonant Light Technology Inc., is constructed under license to the patented Rife/Bare electrical specifications. These devices are in daily use in clinics, farms, ranches, and homes world wide.

Resonant Light Technology's PERL

Resonant Light Technology Inc., produces the PERL Rife/Bare device in an ISO certified facility and  has produced more Rife/Bare devices than anyone in the world. Resonant Light Technology is dedicated to their customers satisfaction and offers excellent customer assistance and warranties on all their products.

Rife Related Web Sites

Rife Documentary

Jason Ringas and Shawn Montgomery have produced a two part video tape and DVD documentary on Dr. Royal Rife. The video documents Dr. Rifes' accomplishments and features interviews with many people that have played an important part in the Rife renaissance. The material presented in this video tape will overwhelm all those who would spend their lives suppressing Rife's discoveries and developments.

Rife Forum Europe

Rife Forum Europe has reports from Europe on the growing acceptance of frequency instruments. Frequency instruments are now being approved by the EU and CE for treatment of disease. This site also has letters by Dr. Rife and other important items of interest.

Rife Forum

The Rife Forum is the largest email and online community of people with Rife related interests in the world. Well worth joining if you have any interest in frequency devices and their uses.

Bob Dunn's Experiences With The R/B Device

Bob Dunn is an RN, and reports his experiences using his self constructed R/B device. This is an excellent site for newbie's to visit.

Web Sites With Frequency Lists

Keelynet Blasters5

Electroherbalism Frequency Lists

This site has the CAFL, the largest frequency list to be found anywhere. You will need about 40 pages of paper to download and print this list.

Research Sites


This is the premier web site for  Bare Device research. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help further research !

Robert Cathey Research Source

The Robert Cathey site has an absolute wealth of material related to Royal Rife, and offers a variety of material related to topics of scientific interest. This is a well done site and will be worth your time to visit.

Electro Plasma Digest

Stan Truman's Site is the Web's, and perhaps the worlds, largest public repository of letters and documents written by Dr. Rife. At this site, you can read scanned copies of the newspaper, magazine, and journal articles, written about and by Dr. Rife in the 1930's and 40's. The information on this site speaks for itself. As the saying goes " The Truth Is Out There". Well here is where to find it. It is impossible to erase the historical record, but it is easy to keep people uninformed, mislead, and ignorant if they don't study history.

Rife Wiki

The Rife Wiki compliments the various online resources already available on the work of the San Diego scientist: Royal Raymond Rife.

Aubrey Scoons' Web Site

Aubrey Scoon has written a series of papers on the electrical aspects of frequency devices, and how these devices may interact with living organisms. This site can be quite technical.

Rife History

An interesting web site with some well researched history of Dr. Rife.

Healing Tools

Tom Harrelson's site offers a large variety of different electro-therapeutic instruments for sale.

Lee Louden's Site

Lee's site has info on the device and some other items of general interest

Plasma Tubes


Absolutely Neon's Plasma Tubes

Some of the best plasma tubes made in the world come from Absolutely Neon's shop. Tubes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and glass materials. World wide shipping is their specialty.

Bill Cheb's Plasma Tubes

Bill's site offers some pretty spectacular pictures of the construction methods used in the making of his pyrex and quartz glass plasma tubes. He can custom make tubes of just about any size or shape including Phanotron tubes. Be certain to check out his new Texas Tube, the worlds largest Rife Tube. Bill's phone # is (855) 538-4992 .

Plasma Tubes From The Ukraine

Dr. Nazarov has developed some unique plasma tubes for use with my device. These include phanotrons and a hot electrode tube

New Books On Rife!

Rife and Lyme

Lyme disease is becoming a world wide epidemic. Being generally poorly understood by the Medical establishment, those infected all too often suffer long term consequences from their treating physicians lack of understanding.  This web site, may offer some solutions to those in need.

Rife and Lyme Email Groups

Yahoogroups has 10 groups that discuss the use of frequency instruments to treat Lyme. Find one that interests you here.

Barry Lynes Web Site

Barry Lynes, the author of the pre eminent book on Dr. Rife, "The Rife Report, The Cancer Cure That Worked" has written several other books on cancer and the politics of healing. All of Mr. Lynes hard to find books are available from his web site.

The Rife Handbook Of Frequency Therapy

Dr. Nenah Sylver has written  what is now considered the book on how to use the many various frequency devices in a therapeutic manner. If you are contemplating the construction or purchase of a frequency therapy device, this is a must have book!


Frequency Generators


F-100 Series Square Wave Generator

The F-100 Series are state of the art square wave frequency generator that integrate readily with Rife/Bare devices. The F125 and F165 offer easy to do programming, and ease of use. The F125 and F165 will hold over 1800 separate programs and 500,000 frequencies. The F100 series of frequency generators is affordably priced and is highly recommended.

Semoia Square Wave Generators

Semoia offers an inexpensive non programmable frequency generator, the PG-4mpf. The PG-4mpf will output only one frequency at a time and is useful only for frequencies below 10,000 Hz.  Their programmable frequency generator the PG-63-7550 is excellent, but it's capabilities are eclipsed by the F100 series of frequency generators from Atelier Robin.

BK Square Wave Generator

The BK 3003 is a non programmable square wave generator with a frequency capability of 10,000,000 hz and has an excellent price.

Ken Uzzell Web Site

Ken Uzzell's Australian web site offers information about healing through natural means, and the FREX Computerized Frequency Generator Program.

Computer Generated Frequency Program

Another Freeware computer generated frequency program.


Information Sites


Cancer Tutor

A wonderful resource for those needing information about the natural treatment of cancer.

People Against Cancer

This site offers a counselling service for people with cancer,that wish to be treated by alternative methodologies.

The Finchley Clinic

The Finchley Clinc, located in the UK, offers a variety of alternative therapies including the R/B device.

Rife Therapist : 

The following is merely for informational purposes and does not constitute an endorsement !

There is a constant stream of emails inquiring about someone that might have a device and is knowledgeable about it .  If you would like to consult with someone that is active in the use of the device, you might consider contacting  Jim Simmons.
Jim lives in Mississippi , and has a portable, state of the art, R/B plasma tube system with several custom accessories and many years experience in working with the device.  His  results can be conservatively described as very satisfactory.
Jim, does not treat anything, he does not diagnose, and he makes no claims or guarantee's . He is willing to  travel to wherever he may be needed . Please contact Jim for more information.
Jim is also available for technical consultation or seminars in the area's of
Plasma Tube System set-up
Device usage
Frequency usage
Frequency list's
Frequencies in general
F-125 Programming & Custom programs

You can reach Jim by email or by phone, but the phone number is for
people who need his services, not for those who are just curious or
want more information, please use his email for that.
Email   JS25750@gmail.com
Phone #  601 862 8275

NIH Sponsored Alternative Cancer Treatment Trials

The NIH through OCCAM is now funding clinical trials in the treatment of cancer through alternative methods.

The Moss Reports

Ralph Moss PHd offers counselling and books on the topic of cancer and its alternative treatment.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Links

The Arthritis Trust

The Arthritis Trust is dedicated to the eradication of Arthritis. They are a source of alternative information on all the different types of arthritis. The Arthritis Trust offers a referral service to physicians that specialize in the alternative treatment of arthritis.

Linus Pauling Site

Linus Pauling is the worlds only two time winner of a Nobel Prize. This web site is dedicated to the therapies Dr. Pauling developed for the treatment of atherosclerotic heart disease and cancer.

Rene Caisse, and the History of Essiac

A historical resource site on Essiac, an herbal preparation developed in Canada for the treatment of Cancer. No products are for sale at this site.

Cancer Bacteria homepage

Cancer may be caused by many different factors, this web site documents how some bacteria may play a part in the production of cancer. Stomach cancer is all to often related to an infection with the bacteria - H. pylori.

DNA Pathogen Frequencies

Charlene Boehm has developed and patented a method to derive frequencies from a micro organisms genetic code. At times, this method has produced some very useful  frequencies.

High Voltage Wire 

This is a difficult to locate product which can be helpful for those constructing their own devices. This web site carries other hard to locate products useful in high voltage devices.

Viruses and Cancer

A good many viruses have now been linked as a cofactor in the initiation of cancer. Some of the cancers include, liver ( Hepatitis B and C virus ) , brain ( CMV, SV40 ) , colon ( CMV, JC virus) , breast ( HMTV) , skin ( Herpes Virus 8 causes Kaposki's Sarcoma, HPV - squamous cell carcinoma,  , Polyoma Virus causes Merkel Cell Carcinoma), mesothelioma ( SV-40) , Leukemia ( HTLV-1) , Nose and Pharynx ( Epstein-Barr Virus), Burketts lymphoma ( Epstein Barr Virus) , Cervical Cancer ( HPV), Lung ( HPV, Measles Virus, JC Virus, and possibly a variant of jaagsiekte virus)

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